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Pregnancy Pain Treatment in Aberdeen

Chiropractic & Pregnancy

According to the research almost 50% of pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy.

Why? Sometimes previous accidents or injuries before being pregnant are manifested due to the instability and body changes that occur as your body develops. A desk based job can also lead to further weakening of the muscles in the pelvis and poor posture. Not eveyone had a chance to get their original bodies back in shape before having further children which can also weaken the core.

Signs and symptoms of pelvic pain disorder (symphysis pubis dysfunction) include:

  • Pain in the front and/or the back of the pelvis, sometimes in the groin, legs or back
  • Difficulty walking and doing normal activities
  • Pain on turning over in bed
  • Rib pain
  • Pain, stiffness, swelling or "clicking" in the hip

What Causes My Back Pain?

There is no single cause of back pain during pregnancy; however, postural and hormonal changes do contribute to the problem. The most common postural changes are due to the bulk of the growing baby, the enlarging breasts and secondary weight gain. Hormones released during pregnancy, which cause softening and relaxation of the ligaments and joints, make more room for the baby but also make the pelvic joints and muscles more prone to injury and pain.

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Diagnosis of PGP?

The condition requires a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of all the relevant body parts coupled together causing this condition. This is crucial for developing an effective management plan. The diagnosis should preferably be completed by a practitioner that specialises in the working mechanism of the pelvic girdle.

When diagnosing PGP/SPD the practitioner must eliminate any extraneous reason for the pain, to ensure that you and your baby are safe to treat with manual therapy i.e. Chiopractic or osteopathy, etc. The reason for this is that pain experienced within the pelvic girdle can be caused by numerous conditions, some of which are not musculo-skeletal and therefore not suitable for Chiropractic treatment.

Within the first consultation a full medical case history will be taken and a thorough musculoskeletal examination to formulate a diagnosis. If necessary you will be referred to an appropriate medical specialist for further investigations if Chiropractic treatment is not appropriate for you.

For every patient a thorough assessment of the spine, pelvis, posture and gait is completed, in order to find the root cause of the structural and functional breakdown of the body. This is important as PGP / SPD is a problem of the entire body, not just a dysfunction at the sites of pain.

Can It Be Treated?

Yes! We provide a range of techniques suitable for treating musculo-skeletal problems in pregnant woman.They provide both comfort and pain relief. It is essential that you find a practitioner who has specialist training and experience in prenatal and post-natal care. This, along with sleeping advice, exercise recommendations and advice about the best positions to adopt to support your back, provide excellent support to help cope with the changes the body undergoes during pregnancy.

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chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen
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chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen
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