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Golf Specific Health & Swing Analysis

TPI is the world's leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. TPI certified practitioners undergo extensive training in identifying typical and inappropriate golf swing characteristics in order to identify common issues with swing effectiveness.

We offer a 16 point body mechanics analysis which allows us to pinpoint any structural (joint or muscle) issues which could be hindering a beautiful swing and potentially causing long term injury.

We have developed a specific tailor-made programme of exercises which we provide our clients by email so that they can access their stretches at home, allowing them to improve their range of motion every day. We then re-assess their swing using state of the art equipment & computer aided technology to show you how you have improved.

Fall in love with the game again and prevent injuries with your TPI certified professional today.

With our evaluation comes research specific to the golfer like: most common causes of low back pain, injury inducing mechanics, and common areas of dysfunction relating to an in-efficient golf swing. This includes problem areas in the body relating to swing faults (like why you always slice the ball or why you have a hard time making consistent impact), most common injuries in golfers (no it isn't golfers elbow or wrist issues), swing modification tips for your PGA Coach, exercises, and much more.

golf rehab aberdeen

The Screen

The screen is designed to identify mobility and stability dysfunctions specifically related to the golf swing. For instance, you probably have never considered how much you neck moves in the golf swing (aside from the finish to watch it go in the woods). You're probably thinking, "well it doesn't really move." Technically it doesn't, but in relation to your shoulder turn it rotates about 73 degrees in the backswing and about 160 degrees from top of backswing to finish. Not to mention a fair amount of flexion and lateral flexion. This is just one of the 16 movement tests that we put you through in order to find areas of weakness.

The screen itself lasts about 20 minutes. We typically will shoot a video for analysis afterwards using an iron as the ceiling height is slightly restricted.

Common Swing Faults

The 12 most common swing characteristics each have their place in aggravating golfers around the world. Most often these are limitations in the body and our innate attempt (or compensation) to fix them. Some of these patterns cause damage to the body while others cause damage to our club head speed and in turn distance.

If any of these are found in your video analysis, you will likely have an inefficient swing and leave yards on the box. Not only that, but if you are practicing some of the more damaging swing faults (like reverse spine angle), your are unknowingly applying unnecessary lumbar spine damage. Not only that, but you are likely not enjoying the game as much as you perhaps once did.

golf rehab aberdeen

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chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen