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Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography

Musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasonography has become increasingly more important over the past 18 years in the fields of sports medicine, musculoskeletal medicine and rheumatology. It complements the orthopaedic examination by allowing the clinician to see any signs of damage in the muscles, tendons or ligaments. This extra information enables greater diagnostic accuracy, leading to a direct and well-focused treatment plan.

The Riverside Chiropractic Clinic can use this imaging modality to aid the diagnosis of your complaint, with the potential to use regular scans to monitor your progress during the treatment and rehabilitation to help guide your individually tailored treatment program to the next level.

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MSK ultrasonography is now being used as an invaluable tool in the early detection and prevention of tendon related injuries in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle. Our British Olympic Track and Field Athletes are regularly screened for any early signs of tendon damage in order to prevent the injury before it even causes pain.

We at The Riverside Clinic treat all of our patients with the same level of importance whether you are planning on winning Olympic medals, or planning to do the gardening.

The scans will all be carried out by our expert Ultrasonographer and Sports Chiropractor Tom Butterfield BSc Mchiro DC.

Call us to book your scan on 01224 211517.

Only £99 per region. Appointments usually take around 60 minutes and your Ultrasonographer will talk you through the scan results as he is completing the scan. Afterwards he will devise an appropriate treatment plan for you based on the scan results and inform your usual/chosen healthcare provider. We aim to allow people to be scanned within 7 days.

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When referring your patient for an ultrasound it is essential that the details above provide a relevant clinical indicator. If you do not provide this information, we will endeavour to contact you prior to the examination. However if this is not possible and as a result the ultrasound is deemed not appropriate we reserve the right to charge the patient the full fee.

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