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Riverside Clinic Price List 2018

Service Price
Consultation (includes 1st treatment) £79.00
Treatment £50.00
Sports Massage Therapy
Consultation (includes 1st treatment) £50.00
Treatment (FT Student/NHS Staff) £45.00
Golf Swing Analysis & Performance Training Programme
Functional Movement Pattern Assessment £79.00
A functional assessment involves a 40 minute consultation where all of your normal patterns will be assessed and compared to a golf specific optimum. The challenges are designed to test what may be underlying your performance. After these tests the Titleist Performance Instructor will send you a copy of the test results via email and then they will forward you a set of exercises to correct these issues at home.
Custom Orthotic Shoe Insoles
One Pair £125.00
Consultation and fitting of custom insoles for sports injures, low back pain or knee or hip injuries. Foot Orthotics or Orthotic Insoles correct an abnormal, or irregular, walking pattern. They perform functions that make standing, walking, and running more comfortable and efficient, by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface.
Initial Consultations require around 60 minutes and include the first treatment and a full examination.
Consultation (includes 1st treatment) £65.00
Follow Up Treatment £45.00
Remedial Massage Therapy
Swedish Massage (45-60 minutes) £65.00
Reiki £50.00
Sports Therapy Massage £50.00
Lymphatic Drainage Massage £60.00
NLP Hypnotherapy £60.00
Aromatherapy £50.00
Reflexology £50.00
Deep Tissue Massage with Reflexology Taster Session £50.00
Combination Therapies £60.00
Thor Light Laser Therapy
Acute Injury £250.00
Less than 2 weeks old. Daily sessions for 5 days. Quick and effective for fracture healing, ligament sprains, back pain. 5 sessions included at this reduced price when paid in advance.
Chronic Injury/Pain £300.00
More than 6 weeks old. Initially 6 sessions, 3x weekly for 2 weeks. 6 sessions included at this reduced price when paid in advance.
Shockwave Therapy
Per Session (3 Sessions required) £75
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chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen