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Bike Fitting in Aberdeen

The System

The Retul System produces a moving image and allows a capture to taken producing measurements to millimetre accuracy.

Once the fit is complete, the bike measurements are taken so the information can be transferred or reproduced.

Added Benefits

During the fit, if the fitter notices any physical constraints that could affect your position, appropriate exercises will be prescribed to aid your optimal position.

About Your Fitter

James is a qualified chiropractor and has been working with patients to enhance their performance by improving their function in many different sports from rugby to triathlon. Using the Retul system, he hopes to enhance the performance and comfort of the riders from those going take part in sportives to the road racer or Time Trialist and Triathlete.

As a cyclist himself and previous Ironman finisher, he is very much aware of the importance of comfort and performance enhancement a Bike Fit can offer as well as the injury prevention benefits.


What is Bike Fit?

Bike Fit is best described as a tool to measure and assess your riding position on a bike.

Why Do I Need a Bike Fit?

A Bike Fit is used to optimise the position you are in on the bike. This will enhance comfort, reduce the risk of injury and also should improve performance by optimally, making you more efficient.

Why Use RCG Bike Fitting?

Here at RCG Bike Fit, we are using the Retul bike fitting system. Retul is the most advanced bicycle fitting system available today. The system incorporates an amazingly precise three-dimensional motion capture technology, immediate report capability, and millimetre-specific digitizing tool to provide the most accurate dynamic fitting solution in the industry.

What Should I Expect On The Day Of My Bike Fit?

Prior to getting your Bike Fit you will go through a questionnaire about your goals as a rider, previous injuries and a physical examination to assess your flexibility. You will also need to be able to ride your bike. This will occur on a turbo trainer indoors, so weather will not be an issue, however, if you are injured this must be discussed with the fitter prior to the appointment. It may be necessary to postpone if it will affect your fitting.

What Will I Need to Bring?

Your bike(s) - multiple fits are available, ask reception for more details.

Tight fitting clothing - cycling shorts, trisuit or similar along with a tight fitting top or vest (this is because we use markers placed on your body to get the measurements, if your clothing is loose it will not give accurate results)

Clipless pedals and appropriate shoes - Again, as with the clothing, we are trying to be as accurate as possible. Pedals that are not clip less will have a significant amount of variability.

PLEASE NOTE: The cleat alignment that will take place as part of this fit can only be done with SPD SL, Look Keo and SPD cleats currently.

How Long Will It Take?

The fit can take up to 2.5hrs. This will be dependent on a number of factors. If lots of changes have to be made, the fit will take longer.

What Will Be Assessed?

Cleat position along with riding position.

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chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen
chiropractor aberdeen