Who we are

Affordable, accessible private healthcare in the North East of Scotland

RCG has evolved from a 27 year old small one-man private Chiropractic Clinic to become one of the leading multi-disciplinary private healthcare clinics in the North East of Scotland.

We hunted nationally for a team of experts that can offer total body and mind healing. They range from Chiropractors to Sports Therapists, acupuncturists, to clinical psychologists. We are so proud of the team that we have put together for you. We can truly say that we can offer fully evidence based, honest, natural therapies at affordable prices, to provide healthcare and wellness. We now have three human clinics and two animal clinics. We have diversified with what our patients tell us they need.

Our ethos

Improving your life; naturally.

Riverside Chiropractic Group provide natural full body healthcare. We understand that stresses and strains come from many sources and that our patients want preventative care as well as treatment for their aches and pains. Therefore we have 13 different therapists to get you fighting fit effectively without the use of pills.
Integrity and honesty are the cornerstone of our company. We believe that great healthcare should be accessible to everyone and should not be a postcode lottery.

How it started

Family wellness care since 1986

Riverside Chiropractic Clinic has a sound reputation as being the go-to place for back pain, neck pain, pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy, crying babies and sports injuries since 1986. We strive for excellence in everything that we do. We listen to the science and the research to give you the best possible Natural healthcare available. All sessions are individual to what you specifically need. All sessions are private and are on a one-to-one basis. This way you have our full attention and can usually be seen within 24 hours of contact. We expect a lot from our patients and we have never been disappointed by their ability to spread the word! We are very lucky to have a wonderful staff who's sole purpose is to make every single person who walks through our door welcome and hopefully dancing and singing as they leave.

Our Promise

Treating the root cause to be better & stay better

We find the root of your problems and help you to resolve and maintain positive health for the future. Everyone deserves to feel their best everyday. Why would you settle for anything less? Serving our population right is very close to our hearts and so we are involved in our local communities helping newborn babies and pregnant mothers have the best start possible. We offer free 10 minute spinal checks for anyone who would like to see if Chiropractic care is for them. We also are very knowledgable about when you are not right for our care and we readily refer patients back to the appropriate person should they need something else. Over the years we have built great relationships with local GPs and other primary care practices.

Meet Our Team

Emma-Louise Emerson

Emma-Louise Emerson (Chiropractor - paediatrics, pregnancy, veterinary, sports)

"Chiropractic is a conservative and natural healing art and science that concentrates on keeping people well. Chiropractic's drugless and preventive approach to good health makes it perfectly appropriate for infants, children and teenagers. I have made it my mission to educate myself in Paediatrics specifically related to musculoskeletal issues and problems that relate to newborn crying disorders and difficulty feeding. I strongly believe that if we all had someone check us early in life then we probably wouldn't be so messed up as adults. My focus is on patient care but I love working with our team of experts who have the highest integrity and skill set I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I am very lucky that this skilled group have chosen to work for our company and I know that our patients are "extremely satisfied" from all of our surveys".

Tom Butterfield

Tom Butterfield, Chiropractor & MSK ultrasonographer

"My job is great, I get to help people and have opportunities to improve my knowledge everyday. The more I improve my knowledge, the more effective I become at helping my patients reach their health goals. Chris Hoy used to say "I will be better today than I was yesterday"... and that ethos served him just fine. I use a wide variety of techniques from Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, strength training, etc, in order to attain your desired result. In my opinion my patients dont really care which speciality I tailor make their treatment from as long as it is successful. The "one size fits all" approach is not how I do things at Riverside Chiropractic Group. In order to deliver a more efficient and effective service I have qualified in Diagnostic Musckuloskeletal Ultrasonography. This allows us to scan patients on-site who suffer from Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, ankle and foot complaints. This option allows us to take a full history, perform an Orthopaedic exam, scan the area, and give you a diagnosis of the condtion within 60 minutes! This saves you time, and there is nothing more precious than that."

James Noble

James Noble, Sports, pregnancy and peadiatric Chiropractor

Hello, I would like to introduce myself; My name is James and I am a qualified Exercise Scientist and Chiropractor. I am a keen sportsman and have competed in various sports for the majority of my life. Luckily for me, I found chiropractic early on in my sporting career and I been receiving chiropractic care to help me to compete and perform to my optimum for over 25 years. During this time I have seen first-hand the effectiveness treatment has on a varied number of injuries and ailments. In recent years I replaced rugby with triathlon, hopefully a little easier on the aging body, but still chiropractic is helping me to perform at my best and keep me mobile in day to day life. Using treatment methods that complement each other to alleviate daily stresses and injuries alike, my aim is to allow people to continue to perform or return to activities they want to do (be it competitive sport, gardening, walking etc.) as soon as possible. Having a young family (3 children under 9, including twins) I have had great exposure to treating newborns and infants as a matter of course. I firmly believe that children can benefit from chiropractic care as they develop, for no other reason than reducing the stresses they put themselves through on a day to day basis. For this reason my trio are treated regularly. Having completed a Sports Nutritional Advisors course, this along with my personal experience in competition I can also advise on dietary matters to help with gaining peak performance in sport and daily life. So, whether it is day to day irritations, a sporting strain or injury, pregnancy related discomfort or you want your little one checked over, I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mrs Nicola Lawson

Nicola Lawson, RCG Clinic Manager

"I have recently become the office manager at Riverside Chiropractic Group. My duties involve the day to day running of a very busy chiropractic clinic along with the meeting and greeting of our patients and the scheduling of appointments. We have a wide and varied cliental so I enjoy listening to their varied experiences and stories. I lived in Spain for several years and working at the clinic has certainly helped me settle back into life in Aberdeen. I am an avid football fan, watching not playing and love walking my dogs in the Aberdeenshire countryside. What I like most about working at the clinic is that my colleagues are also my friends. Looking forward to meeting you in the future."

Mrs Norma A Campbell

Norma Campbell - Clinical Receptionist

I'm Norma and I am one of the receptionists at the Holburn Street branch. My background was as a District Nurse in the NHS where I trained as a General nurse, Midwife and finally for the last 34 years as District Nursing Sister in community. I thoroughly enjoyed my nursing career, but after completing 40 years service, it was time to retire and move aside for some younger nurses to take up the post. For the last 2.5 years I have been part of this family team, and thoroughly enjoy meeting new patients, and learning from this highly qualified team. It is always inspiring to talk and listen to colleagues and patients, as we are always learning something new each day! I enjoy golfing and participating in matches all over Aberdeenshire.

Mrs Alison Watson

Mrs Alison Watson, Clinical Receptionist

I am Alison Watson and have recently joined the team at RCGS to work in the reception. The practice is small but busy and has a very friendly and welcoming feel to it. I am a mum of 2 lovely boys and enjoy spending my free time doing family activities, and socialising with friends. I get my "feel good feeling" from participating in classes at the gym, and also from swimming and taking some time out in the spa facilities. I have taken part in various sports over the years and am always keen to try something new. Having been a patient receiving chiropractic treatments here myself for a number of years, I have an understanding of how a patient may feel when they come to the clinic. So I hope to use this to make patients feel at ease when they visit us. I look forward to meeting patients, old and new, and am glad to be a part of such a friendly team.

Mrs Carol McGregor

Carol, RCG Sports Therapist

I am a qualified sports therapist, advanced medical acupuncturist and massage therapist. Sports therapists are sports specifically trained in rehabilitation aiming to restore functional movement and strength in the quickest, safest manner. Most treatments I offer incorporate some/all modalities of treatment I am qualified in. I am always keen to learn new treatments and research up to date protocols that help me deliver a gold standard of care.

Mrs Kathy Kennedy

Complementary therapist

"I work as a complementary therapist, treating clients in a confidential, holistic way. The therapies that I am qualified in include advanced remedial and sports massage, swedish massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki, hypnotherapy and NLP. My aim is to cater to individual needs and offer combination treatments when desired or appropriate. I enjoy reading ,travel ,dancing swimming walking, and being outdoors".

Mrs Hannelise Bishop

Complementary therapist, lymphatic drainage massage therapist

Hannelise originally from South Africa studied a 4 year b-tech degree in somotology, which comprised of massage therapy, sports therapy, psychology, nutrition and business management. Working in a variety of health facilities she received in house physiotherapy training and expanded her holistic knowledge. I enjoy combining different types of therapies to achieve better results. "The therapies that I offer include deep tissue massage, reflexology, reiki, lymph drainage and shiatsu pressure points". Hannelise is a very dedicated therapist and treats all her patients with the utmost respect and care they deserve.

Mrs Esther Marsal


Originally from Barcelona, Spain. I am a Qualified Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist. I started my Training in 2007 in Barcelona at The International Acupuncture Training Centre in Nanjing, China. I now regularly attend new courses, continually adding to my knowledge and skill set. I am very passionate about helping and caring for people and always strive for the best results. That is why I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Therapies which include Acupuncture, Moxa heat Therapy, Cupping, and Ear acupuncture. All of these remedies are based on the same Philosophy and Holistic approach to help heal the body,which i truly believe is effective. Acupuncture is used for many conditions, including stress relief, anxiety, headaches, migraines, insomnia, musculoskeletal disorders, addiction, gynaecology and obstetrics disorders. Acupuncture is an approach that treats the whole person. All of our treatments are tailor-made for you so I can include Massage therapy treatments like Reflexology if required which compliment your Acupuncture success.