Chiropractic Care for children

The treatment is a natural, drug-free treatment that is safe and effective for the whole family including babies and children.

We have treated children in our clinics since 1986 with wonderful results.

Why would a baby need treatment?

Although a natural process, birth is sometimes traumatic for both mother and baby and chiropractic can help you and your baby recover.

As children grow, we can help not only with the strains caused by the rough and tumble of life but also with some of the symptoms that children can suffer in their first years.

Although back and neck pain is not considered common childhood disorders, they should always be thoroughly investigated. 

Spinal problems in children can be due to many reasons and can be categorised by age groups and developmental milestones.

The diagnosis and treatment of spinal problems in children is a specialised task and should be undertaken with great care.

Symptoms of back and neck pain in infants and young children can sometimes be difficult to understand due to the inability for children to communicate effectively and some symptoms may not appear to relate specifically to spinal problems.  

Why Might My Child Need Chiropractic Care?

You may think that babies and children would have no structural stresses and strains in their bodies because they are so young. However, childbirth can be a traumatic event on a baby’s cranium, spine and sacrum and can lead to excess stresses being brought on these structures. Normally a baby's head has a great ability to absorb these stresses and the soft bones overlap, bend and distort as the baby descends. This can sometimes results in a baby being born with an odd shaped head, which gradually changes and improves as the baby naturally cries and yawns.


How does Chiropractic help my child?

Problems can develop within your child’s spine during birth or at other times during childhood from general bumps and knocks when your child learn how to crawl and walk, and in later in life from falls, accidents and carrying heavy school bags. These problems can lead to various pains, which normally respond very well to chiropractic treatment:

Children and adolescents:


  • Torticollis - where a muscle has shortened in the neck causing a sideways tilt of the neck
  • Hip pain - some children might be complaining of a knee pain when it is actually a more serious hip problem.
  • Back pain - unfortunately this is more and more common with computer gaming, heavy bags, etc.
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Shoulder & neck pain

How do I know when my Baby should be seen?

  1. Does your baby cry a lot especially early evening and does not stop for several hours?
  2. Is the crying a high pitched type of cry?
  3. Does your baby bring its legs up as if in discomfort or arch its back?
  4. Is your baby having problems latching on to feed?
  5. Is your baby unable to relax?
  6. Does your baby cry or become unsettled when you place them on their back?

What is the treatment?

  • Our treatment for babies and young children is hugely modified by using a very slight pressure (sustained release of fascia) rather than the manipulative technique commonly used on adults. It is safe, very gentle and effective.
  • Do not forget that children have genuine problems. I agree that sometimes they say things to get attention.   But a good way to ascertain if they are telling the truth is to ask them to point at the pain. If they are consistent, assume that they are telling the truth.
  • Sometimes children do not complain if they are uncomfortable. They might just not want to participate in physical activities as a result and give other excuses.
  • I am very fortunate to work with a group of chiropractors that are very conscientious and skilled.
  • Many parents have brought their children for treatments for various conditions and if we dont think that Chiropractic is rigth for your child then we will tell you.
  • If you are unsure book an appointment. If nothing is wrong – great! At least you have checked for the common compaints that are treatable comfortabley and quickly!


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